A long winters Nog… Eggnog that is

Every year for some time now, I make my favorite eggnog the week of Thanksgiving. I mix and taste and taste again and again….. and well you get the idea. Real eggnog is a far cry from the stuff passed off under the same name at the supermarket. It is smooth, and creamy. Not so thick and cloying as the stuff from the store. The flavor is fine and tastes of sweetened fresh egg, spices and booze. Yep, booze…. Bourbon, rum and brandy to be exact. The combination of the three make the best eggnog to my taste. But even though the eggnog is made in November. It is started at least a month or two earlier by making the bourbon spike(If you can manage to remember to do this in the summer even better). The spike is the is the spice part of the egg nog. Take one bottle of good bourbon crack it open . Add Two split vanilla bean, one nutmeg that you smashed in side a towel with a rolling-pin and a three broken cinnamon sticks. Reseal the bottle and put it away for the holiday season. From time to time take it off the shelf and smell it. You will notice that it will start to smell like eggnog.

The recipe that I use came from no one place. It has been pieced together for bits and pieces of recipes for eggnog over time. Over the years it has been tweaked and refined to make it what it is today. The idea of the bourbon spike came from a chef instructor of mine many years ago in Kentucky.  The combining of more then on liquor from old recipes in a few of my southern cookbooks, the amount of sugar is personal taste. The aging of the eggnog comes from personal experience. It is always best after it has had a week to age.

This recipe will have a volume of about gallons at first but will slowly deflate to about a gallon after a few days.

My Southern Eggnog

12 ea. eggs, separated. (Get the freshest highest quality eggs you can find)

3 cups. sugar

1 fithe.  good bourbon spike(see the description above)

1 pint. golden rum (Spiced rum is also very good here)

6 oz. brandy

1 qt. 1/2 & 1/2

1 qt. whipping cream

pinch of salt

  1. Beat egg yolks til light and creamy. Slowly and in sugar and continue creaming til very light. Scrape down the sides form time to time.
  2. Slowly ad in the bourbon spike, the rum and the brandy. Don’t add it to fast or you may break the emulsion and have a big mess on your hands.
  3. Now add the 1/2 & 1/2 and mix well.
  4. Remove from mixing bowl and whip the cream till sort peaks. Add the eggnog mixture into the whipped cream and combine well.
  5. In separate bowl whip the egg whites til soft peaks and incorporate them into the eggnog along with a pinch of salt.
  6. Put in tightly sealed container(s) and store in the coldest part of the fridge til served. p.s… Don’t for get to taste it,

About wileychef

Robert is a Kentucky native, raised on a farm in the middle of tobacco country. He first started cooking with his grandmother at a young age. This was the beginning of a life long passion for food and cooking. He later studied culinary arts at The National Center for Hospitality Studies at Sullivan University. Robert now lives and works as a chef in Portland OR.
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